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Catering Equipment Repairs

We recently repaired a Rotisserie Oven.

catering equipment repairs in South East England

Catering Equipment Repairs in South East England

We realised our customers may not know that we are called out to many different types of Catering Equipment Repairs.  As more and more people are opting for a less formal approach to entertaining, hog roasts, pulled pork and rotisserie chicken are now more and more popular at events, including weddings – this has led to a more varied range of equipment for us to repair and service.

There are also the staple kebabs and chicken and chips shops that line high streets across the country. Health and safety is a major factor in any food business, and you need to have peace of mind that your equipment is running both effectively and safely, while maintaining the stringent health and safety requirements that food establishments and companies abide by.

At Elite Technical we have years of experience repairing and servicing equipment for the hospitality and catering industry, whether it’s a large portable catering company, or a kebab shop on the High Street. We recently had an enquiry from a butcher with a GastroTar rotisserie machine that had an electro-mechanical issue.

Rotisserie Catering Equipment RepairsGastroTar produces equipment for small and large commercial kitchens, and specialises in electric and gas chicken rotisseries. These machines are built well and very reliable however unforeseen problems can happen. Within 24 hours Elite Technical were able to be on site, assess the situation and fully repair the rotisserie machine, meaning that the butcher was able to quickly get back to serving a perfectly cooked roast chicken.

Give Elite Technical a ring to discuss your catering equipment maintenance and servicing requirements, whether it’s a kebab grill, chicken or hog roast rotisserie.

Our maintenance team will have you up and running again in no time.

Maidaid range

Elite now selling the complete maidaid range

Elite technical services are proud to announce that we are a distributer for Maidaid Halcyon and Amika.

We supply a full range that can cater for any configuration weather it be an 350 rack size under counter glass washer to a 8.5 metre long rack conveyor setup for the highest volume setups.

Elite has fully trained engineers that can install, service or repair your Maidaid Halcyon products please contact us if you require our services.

Please click here for the full Maidaid range






Maidaid Ranges consist of

Under counter Glasswashers

Under counter Dishwashers

Pass through Dishwashers

Utensil pot washers

Mini racks

Rack conveyer system

Ice machines

Cool boxes

Barista/Bezzera Bistro range Coffee Machines.




We also can supply ancillary tabling and accessories to fit your pass through dishwasher.

A range of stainless steel tabling and accessories to compliment all pass through and conveyor ware washers.

Fabricated from 304 type food grade stainless steel, all tabling can be manufactured to individual requirements to accommodate special needs such as pipe work etc.

 Elite Technical Services Ltd. Prices


Elite offer a comprehensive installation and site survey package on all Classeq products. Please call us on 01923 236 238 for more details.

Maidaid Halcyon history


The wealth of experience gained over 40 + years has established the Maidaid Halcyon® range as leaders within the industry. Our machines have a longstanding reputation for durability, reliability and serviceability.

The Maidaid Halcyon® products are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure many years of commercial service. We produce a tough machine to do a tough job. Whether you want simple reliability or the very latest innovations in micro processing, there is a machine for every application.

What’s more, we actually listen to our customers. This helps us provide what is undoubtedly, the best service in the business.

It has never been easier to select and view Maidaid Halcyon® equipment, either by using this all encompassing website or our latest comprehensive product guide.

Maidaid Halcyon® has achieved this impressive milestone by working with the professional catering industry supplying quality, cost effective products and solutions into the UK market place.


Blendtec Repairs

Keeping Your Customers Happy

blendtec repairs

Blendtec Repairs by Elite Technical Services

In one of their previous blog posts on blender service and repairs, Elite Technical Services highlighted the rise of the popularity of smoothies in the UK, and the how having an efficient repair centre for your Blendtec blenders is paramount to keeping your customers happy.  If your blender does need to be repaired, you can give Elite Technical Services a call on 01923 236238 (or drop them an email at and they will endeavour to get your blender returned to you within 4 working days. Both Costa and Starbucks are regular clients, and if anyone knows the importance of good customer service, itʼs them.


Blendtec Repairs – Elite Technical Services are an accredited service and repair agent for Blendtec Blenders for the UK and Ireland, and as mentioned, they can collect, repair and return your blenders within four working days. With Spring and Summer fast approaching (and not forgetting the Easter school holiday rush), the last thing you want is to be a blender down at the height of the ʻsmoothie seasonʼ, leading to a loss in business and customers. Luckily, in their Elite Workshop, they have a number of units that can be hired out whilst your unit is being repaired. For a £100 returnable deposit, and £60 for the duration of the rental (including next day delivery), you can have a Blendtec Blender to use while yours is being repaired, meaning that you can keep your customers happy.


If you are still unsure as to whether a Blendtec blender is the right one for you, have a look at the Blendtec Stealth 875 Commercial Blender in action. It is the quietest, most powerful commercial blender on the market, and can easily tackle batters and soups as well as smoothies and milkshakes. It must be noted that, even though Elite Technical Services are authorised service and repair agents for Blendtec, Elite are not a sales agent for and do not sell Blendtec products or spares for Blendtec products.

If you have a problem with your Blendtec blender give us a call on 01923 236238 or drop us an email at

Classeq Duo3 Commercial Glasswasher Repair

Background of inquiry:


Our expert engineers were on site within 24 hours. The initial work carried out on the required all the thermostats to be tested and calibrated to the correct working temperatures.

If the Glasses are exiting the Glass washer and not drying completely within a few minutes this is because the rinse boiler is not reaching or reached the correct temperature to allow the Glasses to steam dry.

Bearing in mind that the Duo 3 leaves the factory, with a preset rinse boiler minimum start temperature of, 55 degrees celsius. This function prevents the glasswasher from starting a wash cycle, before reaching a safe washing temperature. But to get the best wash with a steam dry, you will need to wait for the Duo 3 to properly reach its optimum temperature. Which is indicated when the temperature lamp illuminates on the front panel, in between the power button and the cycle button. If you want to guarantee that your glasswasher will steam dry every time. The temperature pre-sets can be changed by one of our expert engineers to prevent the wash cycle starting before reaching the optimum temperature.

The limescale was building up on the glasses because the water was bypassing the integral water softener and getting into the wash tank due to filling We were contacted by a sports bar for repair of a Classeq Duo3 Glasswasher, the glasses were exiting the glass washer without drying properly, also leaving behind a limescale film.problems, this problem was addressed and now only the softened water is entering the machine.

Now the Classeq Duo3 is running smoothy fault free, with sparkly clean glasses!!!classeq duo3

Enquiry Type: Faulty machine – Classeq Duo3.

Response Time: Within 24 hours, with the machine up and running again.

Time on Site: 2.5 Hours.

Client feedback: Very happy with the service provided, and nice clean glasses.


Looking For New

Our Price

ModelDrain TypeRinse TypeIntegral Water SoftenerSales Price Ex Vat
DUO 2PumpedBoostedN/A£945.00
DUO 3PumpedBoostedNo£1,455.00
DUO 3 WSPumpedBoostedYes£1,705.00


Duo 2 Commercial Glass Washer Repair

Background of inquiry

Classeq Duo 2 GlasswasherWe were contacted by a Restaurant who had a Duo 2 under counter glass washer which was tripping the RCBO (Mains electric power supply), and also wanted a new 8 litre manual water softener fitted.

Our expert engineers were on site within 24 hours. The initial work carried out required electrical diagnostics to find the fault tripping the electric supply. The wash pump seals were leaking causing cables to be wet, this was the fault. The wash pump now needed to be replaced, which would have caused a big disruption in the small bar area, in service time. To remove and refit a wash pump requires access to the front and rear of the Glass washer. Luckily because the weather was nice they removed the Glass washer outside into the rear service courtyard, where there was plenty of room to carry out the repair.

Once finished they reinstalled the machine with the new softener, then checked everything was in good working order.

This allowed the restaurant to be up and running again, with minimal disruption. CLICK HERE FOR PRICES

Enquiry Type: Faulty machine – Classeq Duo 2

Response Time: Within 24 hours, machine up and running again.

Time on Site: 3 Hours

Client feedback: Very happy with the service provided.


Routine Maintenance Classeq Duo 750

Routine Maintenance Classeq Duo 750

Classeq Duo 750 Dishwasher

Classeq Duo 750 Dishwasher

As any commercial kitchen knows, having reliable and efficient ʻbehind the scenesʼ equipment is essential, whether thatʼs a 10 burner oven, right down to how you keep your dishes sparkling clean.

In an article in The Caterer (13th April 2006), it talks about the importance of keeping your dishwashing equipment regularly maintained. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) aims to ensure that ʻwater is not contaminated by fittings, equipment or products that are connected to the mains supply. …Every item of kitchen equipment that is connected to the mains must comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.  Most new equipment will come with the necessary fitting to comply with WRAS. Only engineers with a qualification to connect equipment to the water supply should fit kitchen equipment that needs a supply of water.ʼ

So, who can repair and service equipment in a commercial kitchen?

In order to keep your guarantee valid, and to comply with WRAS regulations, most equipment will come with a condition of service. Kitchen equipment is often very technical and needs a trained and accredited service engineer to keep it running and comply with the terms of the guarantee. If it breaks down and there is no evidence of accredited servicing, the guarantee could be invalid.

At Elite Technical Services, we can advise, supply and fit the best dishwasher suited to your needs. We pride ourselves on being distributors, fitters and service engineers for the Classeq range of front loading dishwashers. One of our most popular washers is the Classeq Duo 750, a high volume dishwasher with built in chemical dispensers. As well as being economic to run due to its highly effective wash action, reduced water consumption via a 18 litre wash tank and a double skinned door and cabinet which reduces noise and heat loss, it easily copes with 18 plates per rack with a built in rinse booster pump, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser and, most importantly, is WRAS Approved.

Elite Technical Services offer a comprehensive installation and site survey package on all Classeq products, and they all come with a 1 (Duo range 2) year parts and labour warranty as standard (additional warranty is also available). All our engineers have years of experience and are able to help advise and install Classeq dishwashers to WRAS Approved standard. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), recommends that ʻyou may need to routinely service some appliances to ensure their continued safe operation. This must be done by competent personnel, such as appropriately qualified service engineers.ʼ

Choose Elite Technical Services to regularly service your Classeq dishwasher, safe in the knowledge that you are complying with WRAS regulations.