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Catering Equipment Repairs

We recently repaired a Rotisserie Oven.

catering equipment repairs in South East England

Catering Equipment Repairs in South East England

We realised our customers may not know that we are called out to many different types of Catering Equipment Repairs.  As more and more people are opting for a less formal approach to entertaining, hog roasts, pulled pork and rotisserie chicken are now more and more popular at events, including weddings – this has led to a more varied range of equipment for us to repair and service.

There are also the staple kebabs and chicken and chips shops that line high streets across the country. Health and safety is a major factor in any food business, and you need to have peace of mind that your equipment is running both effectively and safely, while maintaining the stringent health and safety requirements that food establishments and companies abide by.

At Elite Technical we have years of experience repairing and servicing equipment for the hospitality and catering industry, whether it’s a large portable catering company, or a kebab shop on the High Street. We recently had an enquiry from a butcher with a GastroTar rotisserie machine that had an electro-mechanical issue.

Rotisserie Catering Equipment RepairsGastroTar produces equipment for small and large commercial kitchens, and specialises in electric and gas chicken rotisseries. These machines are built well and very reliable however unforeseen problems can happen. Within 24 hours Elite Technical were able to be on site, assess the situation and fully repair the rotisserie machine, meaning that the butcher was able to quickly get back to serving a perfectly cooked roast chicken.

Give Elite Technical a ring to discuss your catering equipment maintenance and servicing requirements, whether it’s a kebab grill, chicken or hog roast rotisserie.

Our maintenance team will have you up and running again in no time.

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