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Bottle your own still and sparkling water onsite with a EAU de VIE filtered water system, based on as little as £0.05 per litre. Generating Huge Savings!!!

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Eau de Vie

Stylish, simple to use and compact.

EAU de VIE’s stylish Table Top Unit is the perfect option for replacing or complementing pre-bottled water in restaurants, bars, small hotels, care homes, offices, conferencing facilities and public sector establishments.

It’s modern, elegant and compact design means the TT is ideal sited either in full view, front-of-house or back-of-house, sitting comfortably on a bar or table top — as the name suggests.

The TT has a high performance ice-bank refrigerator capable of delivering large volumes of water at consistently low temperatures.



The EAU de VIE signature:

Great tasting chilled, filtered, still & sparkling drinking water “on tap”.

Each glass of EAU de VIE water is pure, clean, clear, odourless and uncontaminated.

Proven cost saving versus pre-bottled mineral water.

Less than 5p per litre.

Optional customer branding on traditional designer ‘Italian style’ bottles.

Saves valuable space by freeing up bottle storage and refrigerator space.

Perfect for the environmentally conscious, saving on waste disposal,
recycling and transportation thanks to the use iof EAU de VIE’s stylish reusable bottles.



Designer bottles

EAU de VIE’s elegant, traditional ‘Italian style’ glass bottles really add that look of class to any table setting or conference venue. The EAU de VIE bottles can be custom branded with your logo to really maximise your brand presentation on-table. The bottles and printed designs are fully reusable and dishwasher friendly.

Bottles are available in either 750ml or 500ml size, with the option to have a swing top, or gold and silver caps to indicate still and sparkling water.

Suitable for a
range of uses

The Table Top Unit delivers chilled still and sparkling
filtered drinking water for:



Offices & Conferencing

Educational Facilities

Care Homes




An environmentally friendly performer

The EAU de VIE Medium Remote Unit has a 6.5kg, high performance ice bank refrigerator meaning that it can produce top quality, filtered water on demand, eliminating the need for storing, transporting and recycling expensive pre-bottled water and really ticking all your sustainability boxes — an increasingly important selling point for the environmentally conscious consumer.

The Medium Remote Unit is suitable for a variety of sectors including bars, restaurants, hotels, conferencing venues and public sector establishments


Clever design for the very best facilities.

EAU de VIE’s stylish Free Standing Unit has been cleverly designed to contain all the necessary components needed to produce premium, great tasting, chilled, filtered water (still & sparkling) direct from the local water supply.

The system’s impressive design makes it the ideal choice to be featured front-of-house and dispensed either into EAU de VIE’s designer bottles, or direct to glasses. This system has proven to be a popular choice in some of London’s finest restaurants and hotels.




Clever design for the very best facilities.

The EAU de VIE point of use water cooler offers a unique design with its stylish appearance, clear, intuitive touch panel controls and integrated cup dispenser.

Utilising a direct chill cooling facility, the POU dispenser offers a clean, minimalist design and sophisticated good looks, ideally suited for a majority of locations including the health, office and industrial sectors.

The Benefits of EAU de VIE


Great Tasting Water

EAU de VIE is the leading supplier of premium quality filtered water systems and bottling systems for restaurants, hotels, commercial and public services. The systems use patented filter technology which capture 99% of the elements that affect the taste and appearance of water, creating simply great tasting water on tap.

The level of sparkle can be customised during installation to create the perfect fizz and a sparkle that is often used to complement the existing drinks range.


Kind to the Environment

EAU de VIE is the preferred choice for forward thinking, environmentally conscious customers. Sustainability, carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly has never been as important – especially in the catering industry. EAU de VIE offers a real ‘alternative choice’ for establishments, which ticks all the green credentials by removing the need to store, refrigerate, transport and dispose of plastic pre-bottled water.


Bespoke designer bottles

EAU de VIE’s reusable bottles are created with bespoke branding to suit customers’ own outlet, creating a unique marketing opportunity for operators looking to holistically align their brand to sustainability in a simple yet impactful way.

EAU de VIE is usually served in the establishments own branded bottles, this often prompts a great discussion opportunity to demonstrate the establishments’ commitment to being sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint.


Reduce costs vs bottled water

EAU de VIE provides simply great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of pre-bottled. The average cost of purchasing pre-bottled water is around 55 pence (or more)… At less than 5p per litre EAU de VIE really is an easy decision. Plus, not only is it more cost effective to purchase, there are also substantial savings to be made from negating the need to store, refrigerate, handle and transport bottles.

EAU de VIE’s crystal clear, great tasting water is often presented as the primary table water offering for consumers, replacing pre-bottled water completely and marketed at a similar price.

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